The Three Best Korean-Americans Ever

Girl Growing Brighter


In 1994, Margaret Cho was the first Asian-American person I’d ever seen on TV.  

Scratch that.

She was amongst the first 10 Korean people I’d seen in my entire life.  The sum of which included my immediate family members, two cousins, and a few family friends.*  

The first time I saw her was on a New Year’s Eve show.  She told a joke about a white lady on the plane asking her, “What do you Asians like to do on NYE?”  It was a joke about representation — about being asked to speak for millions of people around the world who were actually from dozens of distinct cultures — when in fact she was just as much a US native as the woman asking the question.  At the time, I didn’t have this analysis.  I only knew that she gave my injustice a voice.

Margaret Cho’s mere public…

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